E Kompressor


Advantages of using E Compressor

  1. Delivers safe breathable air for all users, with constant monitoring of air quality
  2. 100% Oil free breathing air
  3. Produces temperate and comfortable breathing air instead of cold air
  4. Can be used in all locations, including ATEX zone 1
  5. Easy to transport and can be moved on wheels and elevated to all work areas
  6. There is no operator necessary as no other equipment is attached but air hose and mask
  7. Reduces the scope of work during planning related to SWA and conflicts with ongoing work in the area
  8. Eliminates the need for long hoses to areas without established breathing air facilities
  9. Allows for work at several locations simultaneously
  10. Reduces the need for hose-guard during breathing air operations
  11. Eliminates the need to use instrument-air and the need to have pure Nitrogen as backup air
  12. Independent and fully automated rescue and backup air in emergency situations
  13. Reduces the need for daily air measurements by responsible personnel, typically a safety advisor or nurse
  14. Reduces the need to keep journals and comprehensive logs of breathing air equipment and hoses
  15. Communication from rig signal to control room